Bipolar Celebrities

There are many famous people with bipolar disorder. Bipolar celebrities have enriched our lives for decades. Here is a list from a-z. This is by no means a complete list!

Although bipolar disorder is known as a disability, it has also been known to give people the enhanced ability to "see outside the box" and open up new levels of creativity.

Looking at the success of so many people throughout history with bipolar disorder can shed a positive light on this illness and bring hope to those of us who suffer with it's symptoms.

Not every celebrity in this video has had success with or because of their disorder. Many have suffered tremendously or even met an untimely death. But there have been many cases where bipolar disorder has given people the opportunity to explore ideas that could never be explored by anyone who is considered "normal".

These people have brought a lot of joy into the world with their creative works. And therefore one has to wonder if bipolar disorder is a "disorder" at all. In some of the cases in the above video,bipolar disorder could be viewed as a gift.

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