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Physical health, hygiene and appearance becomes difficult to focus on When someone is suffering from bipolar disorder or anxiety.

Often times a person suffering from a manic episode may feel distracted and forget simple things like brushing teeth. Likewise, someone who is suffering from depression may feel it is pointless to keep up on hygiene or appearance, or may simply feel too tired and lack the motivation to do much of anything.

Someone who suffers from anxiety may feel too consumed by worries and “what ifs” to make their physical well being a priority.

I have personally experienced all of these scenarios, and understand how difficult it can be.

First, I just have to say that your physical health and well being is important because a lack of health, hygiene, or acceptable appearance can and will CAUSE depression and anxiety.

In a society where everyone is looking for a “magic pill” to fix just about everything, we sometimes overlook the fact that we can cure some of our problems without medication.

One of the most important steps a person can take toward their health is to go get a physical. I stand firmly against unneeded medication. I am not however, against doctors. They have all spent years studying the human body, and generally care about people. So I DO advise going to a doctor to discuss where you are in terms of physical health, and what steps you should take to improve it.

While you get your exam, you should discuss diet and exercise, (I.E. how much physical activity you should be getting daily for your age, weight, and overall health, and whether or not you need to watch sodium/cholesterol intake) and look into possible food allergies or vitamin deficiencies that may cause mood swings. Also, ask your doctor you schedule you for a sleep test to make sure you don't have any sleep disorders that could be contributing to your fluctuations in mood. It is always a good idea to make a list of questions and bring them to your Dr. Appointment.

You should also make appointments to see a dentist and an eye doctor.

After you do those things, it’s just a matter of fitting time to care for your physical health/hygiene/appearance into your busy life. And by the way, if you have bipolar and/or anxiety, no matter how little responsibility you have, you still have a busy life!

Once you have discussed your physical health with your doctor, you should immediately begin to follow the advice that he/she gave you starting with removing harmful substances from your life.

As I stated in the overview, you may need help to do this. There really is no shame in having and addiction. As a matter of fact, I have yet to meet anyone that doesn't have an addiction to something. Addiction doesn't have to be about illegal substances. Some people are addicted to food, sex, gambling, and so on.

The first step to overcoming your addiction is to realize and admit that you have one. After that , all you need to do is ask for help.

Click Here For A Directory of Substance Abuse Facilities. Once you have dealt with the issue of addiction, diet and exercise should be your next focus.

As I said before, 30 minutes of exercise should be worked into your schedule daily. Anything beyond that should be worked out with your doctor.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise around for several reasons. It gets you outside, it takes care of your cardiovascular needs, and just about everyone can do it with any training.

Some toning exercises may be suggested by your doctor as well. I recently found a website that includes an exercise library where you can learn about toning exercises for all fitness levels and for several different parts of the body. Click Here To Use This Exercise Library

This website also offers over 2,000 health conscious recipes. Click Here To Search Through These Healthy Recipes.

You can also ask your doctor for more resources on exercise, healthy eating, and treatment for addiction.

Once you get a handle on your health , your appearance will naturally improve. So will your overall mood and well being.

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