Treatment Plan Day 5

For day five of the treatment plan, your focus will be on art therapy.

Studies have shown that engaging in art projects, or other creative outlets can work to significantly improve the recurring symptoms of bipolar and anxiety disorders.

You don't have to really have any artistic talent to make this work.

Studies have shown that even the simplest projects can have an effect.

Paint by number, coloring books, stringing beads, or painting Christmas ornaments and other small items can be just as effective as completing an oil painting or sculpture.

The idea behind art therapy is that it gives you a sense of control, and accomplishment.

Having bipolar or anxiety disorder can make you feel like you are never in control.

Your mood often swings back and forth, and even the smallest changes in routine can seem devastating.

Art therapy helps, because you may not be able to control your work environment, or your ability to remain energetic, but when you pick up a coloring book and a box of colored pencils, YOU get to choose what colors go where.

Another problem that people often have with bipolar or anxiety, is that nothing ever seems to be finished. The dishes, the laundry, and tasks at work seem to be never ending.

But finishing a small art project reminds you that you ARE able to accomplish your goals.

Your next step in this treatment plan is to read the mind development page of this website. There you will find more information on how this helps, and how to choose a project that is right for you.

Remember to do your journal entry, and practice your relaxation techniques before bed.


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