Aggressive Communication Style

When you communicate aggressively, you have no problem stating what you think, what you feel, or what you want. But you often violate The rights of others.

Common Behaviors Are

Deliberately embarrassing others with sarcasm, condescending humor, or put downs.

Placing blame on others.

Using absolute terms such as "always" and "never".

Implying that you are always right or superior.

Moving with an air of superiority or strength.

Abrupt , rigid, intimidating gestures, asking questions and not listening to answers.

People who use this communication style usually find themselves unable to count on anyone. They lose help in accomplishing goals, and lose sight of other people's point of view. They often end up carrying heavy burdens alone.

Some Charcteristics of This Style of Problem Solving Are

When you solve problems this way, you stand up for what you want regardless of the rights and feelings of others. It can be either physical or verbal.

It may be self bolstering to you, but the importance of others is discounted. Communication is direct but others may feel bullied or humiliated.

You work toward your goals.

You are dishonest to avoid problems.

You choose your own activities as well as activities for others.

you are cocky and hostile.

You act out anger.

You demand favors, services, ect.

You talk with respect for yourself only.

You let others know how you feel.

You attack other people ( physically or verbally).

You claim your rights and view them as superior to the rights of others.

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