Treatment plan day 7

Today's treatment plan focus will be on spiritual growth, and it's effect on your mental health.

This really is an important part of recovery. Please.... even if you are an atheist, there are things you can do for your spiritual development.

Read the Spiritual page of this website.

Your next step for the day, is to rest.

According to my personal spirituality, the seventh day should always be used as a time of rest, and strengthening your relationship with your higher power.

Whether you have this or any other religion, or if you choose not to have a spiritual connection at all , you still need to make time to rest.

Burn out happens to even the best of people. We are not machines, and we can't do it all.

So if it is at all possible , take the rest of today off.

I don't even want you to do a journal entry unless you want to.

Just enjoy the rest of your day, do some relaxation techniques,(if you wish...) and have a good nights sleep!

Spiritual growth

Plan Conclusion

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