Assertive Responsibilities

assertiveness training teaches you what your assertive responsibilities are. Assertiveness training can be helpful in the treatment of bipolar disorders and symptoms of anxiety.

Some of the Responsibilities of Assertive Communication are:

To assess your true feelings without exaggeration or underestimation ; to express your feelings appropriately without demeaning someone else in the process

To reply as soon as possible, and without taking an unreasonable amount of time.

To think through your opinions and realize others can disagree with them.

To accept others answers respectfully;to carry out any commitments made.

To learn from mistakes, rather than pushing your self or others because of mistakes.

To act in a responsible manner as much of the time as possible.

To feel appropriate anger and joy, and to assert these feelings with the people involved.

To not impose your personal values on others.

To think through your responses before answering.

To respect commitments to others as well as to your self;to allow sufficient time to fulfill commitments.

To express your needs and, if appropriate, work out a compromise.

To recognize anger and joy, and see that these feelings do not interfere with others rights and responsibilities.

To avoid "boxing in" your self or others by labeling or making judgments.

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