Treatment plan Day 3

Your focus for day three of this treatment plan will be to explore the list of treatment options that you made on day one.

Take a look at your list of treatment options, addiction treatment programs, churches, support groups, community activities, and volunteer opportunities.

If you did not make a list, do it now :) If you don't know what you are interested in, take a look at my

treatment options Page. You my also find it helpful to look up your local community center in the phone book. Another great place to look, is your local YWCA.

Pick one ( yes, just one...) from the list.

make any necessary phone calls, and or appointments, or visit the place you have chosen.

I really do recommend that if you have an addiction, you deal with that first. However, this is YOUR treatment plan, and it is up to YOU.

If you are more comfortable taking a Tai Chi class to help with relaxation to begin with, it is up to you. Although I will be covering relaxation techniques in day four, so you may want to hold off, and choose something that will be more of a benefit to your Physical health.

I will eventually get to physical health as well, so there really is no wrong answer here. You can choose a painting or drama class, voice lessons, take up racket ball, join a marathon, join a church,join a support group, join an online forum about your disorder, or deliver groceries to the elderly.

Whatever will enrich your life in a positive way. It's up to YOU. The only thing that I will ask is that you NOT try to do more than one thing at a time.

You may be excited about this, and feel that you can start doing several things at once.

Take a deep breath, and pace yourself. You may just be having a manic phase and have that "super human" feeling. Take your recovery one step at a time.

The next step for today is to give yourself a pat on the back.

If you have followed this so far , you are obviously committed to your own mental and emotional health.

This commitment will not only make your life better, but it will also improve the lives of the people around you.

You DO have people that care about you. Even if you never get along with any of the people in your life, (and I highly doubt that you don't get along with ANYONE...) there are still lives of other people that your life touches every day.

Improving on your life will give the people who care about you most a sense of peace and lift their burden of worry about your well being.

It will also give those who need to do some improvements in their own life proof that it is possible to do it.

So you deserve to feel good about deciding to follow this program!

Your next step is to make sure you remember to do another entry in your journal before you go to bed.

Do this in whatever way you are most comfortable with. As I said before, drawing pictures if you don't like to write can be a good start.

Try to at least list the feelings you had throughout the day and why if you know.

This will help you out later.

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