Treatment plan Day 9

Today, your focus for the treatment plan will be to focus on your self.

Studies have shown that many people with bipolar or anxiety disorder are in a service position in their employment. They are also usually caregivers, single parents, or in a dysfunctional family where they are playing the role of the "responsible rescuer".

These are the people that make sure things are running smoothly for or despite those who are overcome with illness, disability, or addiction. This is called co-dependency.

This of course is not the case for everyone with bipolar or anxiety disorder, but for whatever reason, there is almost always a lowered "sense of self".

Many people see this as being a "bigger person", or they don't recognize the harm that is being done to them and others when they adopt this kind of responsibility. Some people aren't aware that they are in that kind of position at all.

Maybe they are carrying on the same kind of selfless compassion that a parent or older sibling provided for the family, or have started an new family with someone who has an addiction,disability, or illness and sees their position as normal.

In cases like this, the person may feel as though they are the only responsible person, and therefore they have no choice.

This is where contacting your local treatment centers, YWCA,caseworkers, and looking into support groups for your situation can be helpful.

For now,your next step in this treatment plan is to read the self Page of this website.

If you did your journal entry on day 7, you are done! If you didn't, please do it one more time this evening. Try to include you mood/moods throughout the day, and where cognitive therapy or relaxation techniques were or could have been used.

Read your journal to yourself when you are finished. Look for and challenge any distorted assumptions that you find.

By now you should be beginning to see a slight improvement in your mood.

From here on out, it is up to you whether or not you wish to continue journaling.

I do recommend that you at least write in your journal when you are feeling your worst. This way, you can can go back to it later, and use it to help you resolve your issue.

Sometimes a journal is the only way you have of venting your frustrations. Venting IS healthy, cognitive distortions and all.

So don't be afraid to let loose with your feelings as long as you do it in a way that is not harmful to yourself or anyone else. Journaling is the safest most effective method of venting that I have found.

Do your relaxation techniques, and have a good night :)

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