When you communicate assertively, you express your feelings, thoughts, and wants directly. you stand up for your rights and take into account the feelings of others.

Some Behaviors Are

Listening and letting people know you have heard them.

Being open to negotiation and compromise, but not at the expense of your own rights and feelings.

Making direct requests and refusals.

Having the ability to start and finish a conversation.

Accepting constructive criticism,without becoming hostile or offensive.

Conveying an assured strength and empathy.

Speaking in a relaxed but firm voice.

Making direct eye contact without staring.

Keeping a good posture.

Using this communication style allows a person to feel good about making their own choices and expressing themselves.

In an abusive relationship this can be very dangerous.It is important to use good judgment when you are in an abusive situation. Safety is important.

If you are being abused, get professional help from a doctor, the police, or the YWCA in your area.

Some Characteristics of This Style of Problem Solving Are

When you solve problems with this style you, stand up for your legitimate personal rights. You give expression to your own thoughts and feelings in a way that defines your own human perspective without subtracting from the legitimate human rights of others.

You are emotionally honest and say what you mean. You communicate in a direct and straight forward way.

You work toward your goals.

You choose your own activities.

You are confident.

You deal with your anger.

You request favors, services, ect.

You talk to others with respect for yourself and others.

You let others know how you feel.

You face your problems.

You recognize the right of others as equal to yours.

Your legitimate rights are claimed.

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