Plan Overview Table of Contents

THE PLAN OVERVIEW This explains my treatment plan for bipolar and anxiety disorders,and the science and logic behind it. There are several links on this page that you will be referred back to during the course of the treatment plan. There are also links to the story of my personal experience with these disorders.

Day 1

DAY ONE contains an introduction to the treatment plan, and takes you through the process of identifying and learning about your disorders, and finding support.

Day 2

DAY TWO focuses on identifying triggers, and how introspection journaling can help.

Day 3

DAY THREE will cover exploring your treatment options.

Day 4

ON DAY FOUR you will learn some relaxation techniques and how they can weaken your symptoms over time.

Day 5

DAY FIVE will cover art therapy and how studies have shown that nurturing creative and mental development will help reduce stress in people who struggle with bipolar and anxiety disorders.


On day six You will learn about cognitive therapy, and how learning to challenge distorted thinking can help with anxiety and the depression that comes with bipolar disorder.

Day 7

DAY SEVEN focuses on spiritual development and it's effect on your mental and emotional health.

Day 8

DAY EIGHT'S focus will be on physical health,and how diet,exercise, hygiene and appearance, impact emotional health and well being.

Day 9

On DAY NINE your focus will be on how stronger self awareness and self esteem will strengthen your defenses against anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Learn self esteem building strategies.

Day 10

DAY TEN'S focus is assertive communication training, and how effective communication skills can help in situations that trigger anxiety or depression.

Plan Conclusion

You have reached the CONCLUSION of the bipolar and anxiety treatment plan. today's focus will be on continued symptom management and relapse prevention.

Please read the plan overview before starting the treatment plan.

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