Medication Free Treatment Options For Bipolar Disorder Symptoms and symptoms of anxiety disorders

Before exploring any treatment options for bipolar disorder symptoms or symptoms of anxiety disorders , you should always consult your Dr. and make sure you have the CORRECT diagnosis. Having the correct diagnosis can save to you lot of trouble!

Bipolar disorders are hard to diagnose properly let alone treat. Always get a second opinion before starting treatment options for anything. ESPECIALLY if you plan to take any medications.

One of the key tests that should be administered for anyone diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder is for pyroluria. This is a deficiency in zinc and vitamin B6 which causes identical symptoms to Bipolar Disorder. It is diagnosed with a simple urine test.

Thyroid disease is often misdiagnosed as other illnesses one of which is Bi polar disorder since severe depression is one of its symptoms. It also is a major cause of panic attacks.

To read more about this from a woman with personal experience, go to

Another test option to look at is hypoglycemia or allergies to gluten (found in wheat) or other food allergies.

Please keep in mind as you read this website, that I am not a medical professional of any kind. I have designed this website to share my personal experience with bipolar and anxiety disorders with you. I am not endorsing the use of medications, because they have not worked for me. I DO NOT recommend quitting any medication you are currently taking either for bipolar or anxiety disorders without speaking to a Dr.

I was personally able to handle going off of my medications, and explore other treatment options while taking a sedative on an as needed basis. I do NOT suggest that anyone else should do that without first consulting A Doctor., and making a joint decision about what treatment options that would be best for YOU .

Having said that...In my personal opinion, it is not necessary to treat bipolar disorder symptoms or symptoms of anxiety disorders with harmful psychiatric medication. In fact, these drugs do cause horrific side effects.

Many children who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder can control their symptoms with a sugar free/gluten free diet. It takes a long time (average is about 2 years) for a family to make this adjustment, but in most cases it does work.

Looking into alternative treatment options could make the difference between life and death.

Traditional drug regimes for people with bipolar disorder could be increasingly replaced with therapies to treat the "triggers" of manic episodes some scientists say. Making "lifestyle changes", as well as learning new ways to cope with stress and having more therapy, could help some people avoid a lifetime of medication.

Women with bipolar disorder who are sensitive to extreme bouts of premenstrual tension could be prescribed synthetic hormones instead of sedatives.

Here are some alternative treatment options to consider:


Attending therapy sessions has been shown to help prevent depressive episodes among people with bipolar disorder .

Early Relapse Detection:

A therapist can help you learn to recognize specific symptoms that may signal a relapse. This allows you to seek prompt medical attention before a full-blown manic or depressive episode actually occurs.

Cognitive Therapy:

Cognitive therapy teaches you practical strategies to change abnormal thinking and behavior, can help you learn to cope with bipolar disorder symptoms and reduce the risk of recurrent bipolar episodes.


Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis or hypnotic suggestion can be a helpful tool in the treatment of many mental disorders as well as help with the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions.

For More Information On Hypnotherapy Click Here

Assertiveness Training

Often communication with others can be a source of anxiety. Assertiveness training teaches people to communicate with others more effectively. By using "I" statements, Identifying personal emotions and style of communication, and using proper body language.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment:

Often times bipolar disorder and drug/alcohol abuse goes hand in hand. Studies have shown that use of marijuana could increase occurrences of mania and psychosis. Alcohol enhances depression symptoms. Being clean and sober will significantly increase your chances of successful treatment for both bipolar disorder and anxiety.

Depressive disorders make one feel exhausted, worthless, helpless, and hopeless.

Such negative thoughts and feelings make some people feel like giving up. It is important to realize that these negative views are part of the depression and typically do not accurately reflect the situation.

Negative thinking fades as treatment begins to take effect.

In the meantime:

Set realistic goals and assume a reasonable amount of responsibility. Break large tasks into small ones, set some priorities, and do what you can as you can

Try to be with other people and to confide in someone; it is usually better than being alone and secretive.

Participate in activities that may make you feel better.

Mild exercise, going to a movie, a ballgame, or participating in religious, social, or other activities may help.

Expect your mood to improve gradually, not immediately. Feeling better takes time.

It is advisable to postpone important decisions until the depression has lifted. Before deciding to make a significant transition--change jobs, get married or divorced--discuss it with others who know you well and have a more objective view of your situation.

People rarely "snap out of" a depression. But they can feel a little better day by day.

Remember, positive thinking will replace the negative thinking that is part of the depression and will disappear as your depression responds to treatment.

Let your family and friends help you.

An alternative approach to mental health care that emphasizes the interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit can play an important role in recovery and healing.

Although some people with mental health problems recover using alternative methods alone, most people combine them with other, more traditional treatments such as therapy and, perhaps,prescription or holistic medication.

It is crucial, however, to consult with your health care providers about the approaches you are using to achieve mental wellness. Remember to always make sure you have a proper diagnosis and a DR. who is willing to work with you regarding your specific personal needs.

Although some alternative approaches have a long history, many remain controversial.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health was created in 1992 to help evaluate alternative methods of treatment and to integrate those that are effective into mainstream health care practice.

Other Treatment Options Include , But Are Not Limited To :

Self help

Diet and nutrition

Animal assisted therapies

Expressive therapies ( such as Art Therapy,Dance/Movement Therapy,Music/Sound Therapy)

Culturally based healing arts (Traditional Oriental medicine (such as acupuncture, shiatsu, and reiki), Indian systems of health care (such as Ayurveda and yoga), and Native American healing practices (such as the Sweat Lodge and Talking Circles)

Relaxation and stress reduction techniques (such as Biofeedback,breathing exercises,Guided Imagery or Visualization, and Massage therapy)

EMDR, or "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Treating Depression

Many people with bipolar disorder benefit from joining support groups such as those sponsored by the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association (NDMDA), the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), and the National Mental Health Association (NMHA). Families and friends can also benefit from support groups offered by these organizations.

As I said before, it is advisable that you speak to your DR. before starting any of these treatment options. Make sure you research these treatment options thoroughly, get the correct diagnosis and co-create a treatment and recovery plan that is right for YOU.

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