Development of the mind can and should be a simple and rewarding activity.

Anyone viewing this website already has a plethora of knowledge at their fingertips! The World Wide Web is probably the single most convenient and versatile learning tool there is. Type any subject into the search bar, and there are a thousand different ways to learn about it.

If you don't have a search bar handy, you can use this one.

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Not only is the web a great learning tool, but it is also one of the best places to find ways of exercising the right brain as well. There are thousands of links dedicated to creative expression of every kind. From online karaoke, and blog posting sites where you can join and post poetry, short stories, or just share pet peeves and opinions, to arts and craft ideas and supplies.

When scheduling mind development activities into your daily or weekly life, (whatever your personal priority may be) it is very easy to combine creative or mental development with other activities.

Mental activities and social environment can go hand in hand. Taking an art or education class on a subject that interests you can be a great way to meet people with similar interests while developing your own mind.

Dance classes are a wonderful way to combine learning, creativity/expression, physical and social development.

If social anxiety is an issue, Joining online communities pertaining to your interests (like an online karaoke site or discussion forum) can help you interact with others on a less personal level, which may help you overcome social development obstacles.

One of my favorite online creative/learning/social activities is MySpace where I can customize my page, (for a quick satisfying creative fix) Participate in global charity Apps, (My favorite is the Green Garden App. Every flower sent or received saves a part of the rain forest and it’s free to play with special opportunities to contribute more) and various discussion groups, (like bipolar and anxiety groups :)) read and write blogs, and interact with others on a semi-personal level.

By reading this page you have already met your education requirement for the day. Good work! :)

Let’s not forget one more important thing.

Positive thinking and stimulus is KEY to having a good chemical balance in the brain.

Make sure that whatever your activity is, you feel good about doing it.

Concentrate on the fact that you enjoy it. Focusing on negative things can be enjoyable for some people. A nice angry tune for example, can make a person feel understood when they are in a situation that makes them angry… it always brings a smile to MY face when a song expresses my innermost feelings verbatim. But keeping focus on the negative for too long will literally train your brain to keep that emotion coming over and over again whether you want to feel that way or not.

One thing I decided to try as part of my therapy, was listening to music that I didn’t necessarily relate to, but wanted to. I could always relate to songs about relationships that didn’t work, but I have always wanted a relationship that does. So…I started listening to sickeningly sweet love songs.

In a way, this is a spiritual release for me as well. I imagine myself singing to God when I sing along with these songs, because that is the only relationship that DOES make me feel that way. I have found that the more I do this, the more I feel loved, and the less depression takes hold of me.

So if you choose to sing as your creative outlet, try singing a happy song!

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