Bipolar Interview. An Interview With a Woman Who Has Bipolar Disorder.

This bipolar interview is conducted with a woman who was diagnosed and is being treated with medication. What I found most interesting about this video, is that the woman seems to be very under control and doesn't seem to be suffering many side effects from the medication she is on.

That is interesting to me because until I saw this video, I hadn't met or seen anyone that was successfully treating bipolar disorder with medication alone. As the interview progresses, she begins to talk about the things that she uses in conjunction with her medication such as scheduling, art therapy, relaxation methods, and regular exercise. I began to realize that this must be why she is having so much success, and probably doesn't need the amounts of medication that would cause visible side effects.

She also mentions that she goes to great measures to avoid stress, because she knows that stress is something that could result in another breakdown.

I would really like to know how this woman is doing now.

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