My Journal November 2009

My mood has gotten a bit better since I decided to cut myself some slack when it comes to my journal.

I like to share my life, but not every day of it.

So...normally I will be doing two journal entries per month. This month I had some other concerns that took up a lot of my time.

I decided to look for a job as a freelance writer. I have been searching for these jobs and applying for them. I also have been writing articles on various websites to use as writing samples, and perhaps gain some income from. I found some sites that give you revenue from the ads.

My daughter's grades are dropping. She is not putting in as much effort lately. So I have been working on that with her. I found out that she has not been turning in her homework, so I am touching bases more often with her teachers now.

So far I have made just over $20.00 from ad clicks on this website. this is not going to pay my bills, or even pay for the website (it costs me $300.00 a year to run it) but it's a step in the right direction. Hopefully I will be getting more traffic and therefore more clicks soon. I won't even get my money till my total reaches $100.00 I am not officially self employed yet.

I'm worried about Christmas this year. I'm still getting unemployment... but it is difficult living on that. Hopefully a nice writing job will pan out soon.

I really feel that financial stability is important to make a person feel safe. There are times when I find myself being passive with my roommate because I don't want to have to move. I can't afford an apartment of my own right now, at least not one in this neighborhood. And I really want to live here so that my daughter doesn't have to start over in yet another new school. Things really need to be stable for awhile.