Bipolar Psychosis

This page takes a deeper look into the phenomenon of bipolar psychosis which is sometimes referred to psychotic features, and how for some it could be described as a spiritual awakening.

I found this video on YouTube, and found it very insightful. I have experienced almost everything that this man describes within the "typical bipolar psychosis episode." I found it very comforting to know that I am not the only one who has gone through this, or felt that suppressing it with medication was wrong. I hope you find it helpful as well.

Psychosis can be a very frightening experience when everyone is telling you that you are "having trouble with reality" or that you are crazy. I believe that people who are beginning to become aware of themselves are often so scared that they try to numb themselves with drugs or alcohol, or they go running to a doctor for help, and end up on medication that can stop the whole process of awareness and cause side effects that need to be treated as well.

But when you have the love and support of people who truly care about you, and understand that psychosis is simply a part of your disorder (which this particular video describes as a normal part of spiritual enlightenment rather than an actual illness)that does not necessarily need to be suppressed, it can literally give you a opportunity to look into your own soul and recognize your positive strengths and abilities.

It can also give you the chance to assess your personal needs. For example, if you feel that you are alone, or that nobody loves or understands you, this could simply be the process that your mind is going through to "wake you up" to your own needs and desires. This can set you on your way to a journey that will lead you to a better understanding of yourself and others as well as your own personal "purpose" in life.

This "awakening" can bring you to new experiences both good and bad. But in the right environment, or when embarking on a path to a better environment, it can be a truly enlightening experience.

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