My Journal October 20th 2009

My Journal October 20th 2009

I have learned something about myself and my desire to keep up on my journal.

It seems that when I feel that I have to do it, I don't really want to. I have also come to the conclusion that I really don't wish to share every aspect of my personal life with the world, and there are times when thinking about doing so puts too much stress on me.

This seems a little odd to me because I usually have no problem with sharing whatever happens to be on my mind, But this is a little different.

Rather than writing here, I have found myself writing in other places where I don't have to be so formal, and careful about what I say.

So this is my decision:

I will no longer try to keep a nightly journal that I post on this website. Instead, I will make a monthly post that will contain several days within the month at random. That way I won't feel like I am bound by an extra responsibility that brings large amounts of stress. If more than one page is needed per month, I will post them as "page1, page2" and so on. When I have accumulated enough months, I will build an archive page.

Most of my time over the last week has been spent looking for a job that will pay me. My grand total so far this month for clicks on my ads has been 74 cents. Honestly I'm not surprised since I have only posted ads on a few pages. Sometime soon, I will go through my pages and add Google ads to all of them. But for now, I think I would be better off looking for another way to survive.

My extension for unemployment was approved, and I applied for a job editing pages on another website that I really hope I get hired for, as it would be a perfect fit for me in many ways.

Wish me luck!

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