Antidepressant Mania. Can The Drugs Prescribed For Depression Cause Bipolar Mania?

Antidepressant mania has been reported by some people taking prescription antidepressants. Those reports state that this phenomenon has been contributing to both suicidal and homicidal behavior in people who are prescribed certain medications for depression symptoms.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding depression drugs and the mania that some people experience while taking them. In some cases it has been reported that it was the result of misdiagnosis or the wrong combination of prescription drugs.

I have no authority to officially comment on this matter, but I found this video of a news report on the topic that is in my opinion, very interesting.

I agree with the Doctor in this video when he says that there are other, more effective ways to deal with depression. I also agree that it has become a sales campaign to push these drugs on people without giving them proper warning about side effects, and that in many cases even the Doctors prescribing them don't know enough about the dangers.

I also agree that stopping these medications without getting help from your doctor is very dangerous and that anyone who wishes to stop taking their medications should do so with extreme caution.

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